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Monday, May 6, 2013

Marshall’s Burger @ Burma Road, Penang

Marshall’s Burger has been relocated their own burger business beside Penang Plaza, which located at Burmah Road. It is popularly known for its homemade patties with 100% meat. Their second branch is coming up soon at Bay Avenue, Bayan Lepas.

I was told by my neighbor that their signature beef burger-The Bull, is 100% Australian beef with handmade secret sauce, extra cheese and bacon would be the best, but I haven’t got a chance to try on it until last week, I've had a small gathering there.

Before step in Marshall’s Burger, I was still thinking whether to try for beef burger or maybe their highly recommend chicken thigh burger.

It is a self-service restaurant which we do not have any menu on our table but having it on their wall. You just choose and order at their counter, paid and then wait for your number.

We seated on second level of the restaurant.

C5-The Cock (RM17.50)
I chose chicken thigh burger, but I was in blur. Why? It is because I’ve ordered their C5, which is “The Cock”, contains double chicken thigh, double cheddar cheese, double streaky bacon, fresh lettuce, onions and tomatoes.

Yea, you heard me right, it’s all DOUBLE, and I wasn't aware until I get the burger with me. I like their grilled chicken patties with de-boned thigh, bacon plays an important role as the aroma and salty taste of it enhances their burger, but their handmade secret sauce was too much till it keeps on dropping on the table and my bag. ><

Frankly to say, the overdose of the patties make me afraid of eating burger for the time being. Of course, can’t be denied that their well-marinated chicken thigh burger is quite tender and juicy.

C3-Classic Chicken Thigh Burger (RM7.90)
Let’s look at the normal size of chicken thigh burger with single chicken thigh, single cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, onions and tomatoes. 

C3-Classic Chicken Thigh Burger (Added on Bacon)
Top up with RM1.90.

P3- Hawaiian Piggy Burger (RM13.50)
Pork burger is one of their signature burger, as Marshall is a non-halal restaurant. My friend ordered Hawaiian Piggy which contains single patty, single pork ham, single pineapple slice, fresh lettuce onions and tomatoes. Added on cheddar cheese with RM1.50.

Onion Rings (RM6.50)
Steak Fries (RM5.00)
Their Onion Rings and their Steak Fries are full with Marshall special sauce. Personally feel that their sauce doesn't have much different.

A&W Root Beer (RM2.50)

Marshall’s Burger
Address: 124-C, Jalan Burma, George Town, Penang.
Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Thursday : 5pm – 11pm
Friday, Saturday & Sunday : 5pm – 12am
 (Closed on Monday)
Tel: +6-04-229 9124


  1. you'll be inlove with rockstar burger. go and try it! its near sg ara! and its way much cheaper. marshall still nice tho :)

    1. Oh! Nvr heard about it. Thanks for your recommendation, hope tht it won't let me down :-)

  2. walao how many calories u makan that night? haha, anyway, i didn't realize u were writing in English until i finished the entire post :/

  3. Are you trying to remind me the calories? my nightmare,the highest calories I had of the mth. And most important thing is I nvr had huge burger lk this b4 T.T