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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pingu Cafe @ Ivory Plaza (Closed)

Grabbed discount from QmuRate’s which is a 15% off when we dine-in at Pingu Cafe. Perhaps, most of you might be like me, not knowing where Pingu Cafe is. Well, it is located at Ivory Plaza which near to University Science of Malaysia, You might know the existence of it if you are staying nearby or a student of USM. =)

We went there after work on last 2 weeks ago (17 May), I thought it is somewhere in Penang Times Square until Casper told me it is somewhere near USM, well, I’m not so familiar with that area as I have been living in town area since I was small.

 The exterior area of the cafe.

Which part of Ivory Plaza?
When you see the Marrybrown of Ivory Plaza, remember to turn right to get to Pingu. We thought it is located left handside of Marrybrown, then only found out we should turn right instead of left. The USM students’ hostel is on the left handside, but I don’t really know the name of it, I’m obviously not a USM student.

 There is a magazine or comics corner for customers too.

Be prepared for a very casual atmosphere, but quick service and clean surroundings.  The girl who served us was prompt with everything and so cheery.

I decided to try for their hot and spicy chicken rice set which comes with a drink with grape, orange and other choices. Casper ordered their black pepper fish rice set. 
We chose orange and grape for our drinks, as you can see, it is of course not those fresh juice as the set is only RM6.99.

Actually the taste of the fish and chicken are really not that obvious, we couldn't differentiate or identify the taste of chicken or fish. The sauce of each favor is just pour on the meat, not that type of cooked together, I prefer Casper’s black pepper. The girl was telling him the hot and spicy favor is very spicy, and then when I ate it, I just can feel a bit of spicy but the sauce is too little therefore it was too dry for me. ><

Casper wanted to try for their Thai fried taufu (RM3.90). I thought will be disappointed, but I was wrong, it is really delicious as I love it with onions too, and is in spicy and sour. 

Next is 3 pieces of chicken wings, I thought their chicken wing is taste like outside, but I was wrong again, it isn’t but it linked me to “bak gua” when had my first bite. Quite like about it.

Might try for their "tong sui" on my next visit.

There is 5% service charge of the bill, so we just get 10% of discount instead of the actual 15%  less.

Pingu Cafe
2-1-9, Plaza Ivory,
Halaman Bukit Gambir,
11700 Penang.
Contact No: 04-658 8103 016-333 8103 (William)

Business Hour:
Sunday to Friday: 9am - 11pm.
(Saturday off)

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  1. How was it lo? I noticed this cafe for some time but don't dare to try it out

  2. Darren, not so good, but not so bad, but after tried it, I feel like I won't go back, if yes, maybe just want to try for their tong shui.