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Monday, June 10, 2013


Good news MUST share!

Carvery Night E&O Hotel is a buffet theme on every Thursday. E & O Hotel is giving 30% discount for all buffets from 7.00pm-10.30pm until further notice.

It offers poultry and beef fine cut as well as slow roasted whole lamb!

Printed discount voucher is a MUST, and you may call +604 2222000 (ext 3601/3602) to make reservation.

Price: RM110++ for adult & RM48++ for children


The highlight of Carvery Night is an Indian cuisine-Tandoori Chicken, which marinated in yogurts and spices. 

Besides Tandoori, you may also choose to add on with prawns, grilled vegetables and corns.


Slow Roasted Whole Lamb and Tandoori are prepared outside of the café, there are staffs will walk around and serve us. 

And of course if you can’t wait to taste for it, just grab it outside by yourself.

Love the roasted lamb as it is quite tender and flavorful, especially when dip with their green chutney.

There are some items provided same with the Chef Petr’s Catch buffet on Wednesday which contains mussels, fresh prawns and crayfishes, but there are no crabs and fresh oysters.

Salmon Sashimi on that night was thick, it becomes my liking.

For the grill counter will be same as usual, you will find grilled salmon, prawns, beef, lamb, sausages, scallops, whole fish and satay there.

 You may just inform the chef medium rare, medium well or well done well-done of the meat (beef/lamb) you want.

There are few sauces available, I like to dip them with mint sauce when I’m taking beef or lamb.


Nyonya Fish Head


There is Char Koay Teow available as well.

The salad bar always is my first choice when taking for buffet.

Somehow that night, cheese bar & cold cuts become my liking. Different types of cheese put on the cracker biscuits are so yummy!

E&O roasted duck has never failed me.

When I said full, it means I will move myself for dessert.

Same with all those buffets in E&O, there is an ice-cream bar there, you may choose to have it with crepe, there are 4 flavors of the ice-cream: Yam, Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla.

Too bad they didn't provide Mango favor, had it on Chef Petr’s Catch buffet.

Anyway, there are some different desserts served on that night, I love the chocolate strawberry tart indeed.

Remember to print out the above voucher, as 1 person 1 voucher to enjoy the 30% discount.
This promotion is available for all E&O buffet until further notice.

Do call to make a reservation in order to avoid any disappointment.

Enjoy! XD

Eastern & Oriental Hotel
Venue: Sarkies (Victory Annexe Wing)
Time: 7.00pm – 10.30pm
FB Page: E&O Hotel
Tel: 04-222 2000 (ext. 3601/3602)


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