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Sunday, August 7, 2011

All About Sugar & Gift(团圆汤圆甜品屋)

汤圆起源于宋朝, 是冬至应景的一种食品,多为糯米制成因为这种糯米球煮在锅里又浮又沉,所以它最早称为浮元子,后来有的地区改称为元宵。
Tang Yuan traced its origin back to Song Dynasty, mostly made from glutinous rice flour. The sticky-rice balls float but sometime sink in cauldron, hence the name of Fuyuanzi. Later, it was renamed as Yuan Xiao.

牛奶街是位于Macalister RoadIrving Road之间,在这条小巷的角落就是著名的孙中山记念馆。若你知道那灰色的UMNO大厦,对面就是很著名的火锅之家,转进火锅之家的巷子,你就会看到这9栋颜色很鲜明的老-吉川九KC9坐落在你的右手边,直走,到了小十字入口就右转,再右转进另一条小巷,那里你会看到Segi College Hostel,然后就是团圆汤圆甜品屋。孙中山记念馆就在你的左手边。
Lorong Susu or Milk Lane runs from Macalister Road to Irving Road, it is just beside of the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall which is located at the corner of Lorong Susu with Macalister Road.  If you know where UMNO building is, then opposite of it is Town Steamboat Restaurant (火锅之家). Turn into the lane beside Town Steamboat Restaurant, go straight you will see 9 colorful shoplots named KC9 on your right hand side, then turn right when you reach a junction, make the second immediate right turn, go straight, you will see Segi College Hostel then a house full with banner and Tanglung- All About Sugar & Gift. Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall is on your left hand side.



We bought 2 Ezivouchers which is buy 1 free 1, means 1 voucher gets 2 bowls of Tang Yuan. We chose chocolate filling with milk, tiramisu filling with brown sugar, cheese filling with milk and peanut with white sugar.  

Traditional chinese interior design of the restaurant:

Upstairs of the restaurant:


While waiting for our Tang Yuan, we were served by a glass of plain water which added some lemon.


Chocolate Tang Yuan


A bit disappointed with my chocolate Tang Yuan, I just noticed it comes with 3 small chocolate filling, it reminds me when I was studying in University, my Sarawakian course mate cooked chocolate Tang Yuan with soya to us, which was my first time tried for Tang Yuan with filling. The chocolate Tang Yuan here is nice when eat with milk but it was too small to satisfy my appetite, I thought it comes the size as what Casper ordered for his Tiramisu Tang Yuan.


Tiramisu Tang Yuan


Love Tiramisu Tang Yuan indeed! When looking at the huge filling of Tiramisu, I’m indulging with it! Any how the brown sugar is tasted a bit spicy than milk soup, if you want to try for mild, goes for milk soup. 


 Cheese Tang Yuan


Are you a cheese lover? If yes, then go for the cheese Tang Yuan. When first bite for it, it reminds me the taste of cheese sausage that we ordered, I feel that the aroma of the cheese is not strong enough yet. Well, eating is very subjective, I guess. I heard a lot of people praising for their cheese Tang Yuan, you might try some!


Peanut Tang Yuan


Peanut Tang Yuan is recommended. The peanut comes with aroma of sesame. Salty taste of it would be peanut lover’s favour!


Chee Cheong Fun RM3.00

We ordered a plate of Chee Cheong Fun, I found out their Chee Cheong Fun has been improved with rich shrimp sauce and homemade chilli sauce, without adding any sweet sauce, and comes with fried onions and sesame on the top. The lack of the sweet sauce favour is not my favour but this makes them specialty.


Noodles with Egg and Ham弹弹面 RM5.90
When we went for our second visit, Casper was still ordering the same course, which is Chee Cheong Fun meanwhile I chose noodles with eggs and ham even I know it is instant noodles, but due to I was feeling not well, let’s try for the chicken soup noodles.


 Cheese Sausage RM4.90





  1. 希望店主可以多加几些餐点,觉得若你想来碗汤圆又想吃正餐的食客,会觉得选择很少呢,虽说汤圆屋的卖点是汤圆。 Feel that the choice of menu for other food out of Tang Yuan is a bit limited (even the main focus should be Tang Yuan), perhaps the owners can add on few more dishes as some might feel Tang Yuan is only a side dishes.
  1. 我听到店主说楼上没开放给顾客,我记得我上次去厕所的时候看到了楼上也有摆设桌椅,不知是由于座楼上很难招呼到顾客与否,个人是觉得位子很有限呢。I heard the owners said that they are not open for dine in at upstairs. I found that the space is quite limited.
  1. 希望忙碌的店家可以多点笑容!I guess the owner should be too busy and forgot to smile to customers. I hope to see her smiling on the next visit :-)
All About Sugar & Gift(团圆汤圆甜品屋)
Address: No. 11, Lorong Susu, 10400 Penang.
Opening hour: 11:30am until 10:00pm. (Close on Wednesday)
Contact: 012-5320353



  1. 看起来好像很好吃。

  2. boey,不妨不试一试,呵呵

  3. 我上次去檳城錯過這傢了!但您這篇文章勾起我檳城回憶。

  4. 婉欣,这家餐厅说真的不容易发现呢,最近才开始有很多人promote而已,呵呵。

  5. 很喜欢那排旧屋子的缤纷色彩~~

  6. how is the price of the tang yuan?