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Monday, May 2, 2011

台湾古早味 Kochabi Taiwanese Delight @ Penang Times Square

Bringing Taiwan to you at Kochabi Taiwanese Delight Restaurant. In Hokkien, “Kochabi” means old and tradition taste. They serve many different types of Taiwan style dishes like paper chafing dish, beef noddle, spare ribs noodles, etc. Besides that, they also serve with a huge variety of Taiwan style side dishes for example dumplings, stewed toufu, iron egg, etc.

Their menu.

 Their tables and chairs which made with wood.

 The cupboard is used to carry the food from upstairs (kitchen) to here. It was Tsuruya Japanese Restaurant previously, I remember that cupboard, the different is Tsuruyu's kitchen was down here.

I can see they are putting effort in designing the interior and outlook of the restaurant.

Few pages of their menu.

Stewed Chicken with Three Cups Sauce (set) RM17.80 
with fruit and a drink (Honey dew for him)

Beef noodles (set) RM15.80 
with fruit and a drink (Yam for me)

 The milk teas and fruit are come together with set.

 Fried mini bun RM5.50
Eating with the sauce tastes lots better!

Taiwan Kochabi
Penang Times Square
Address: 77-G-10,Jln Dato Kramat,
              10150 Georgetown, Penang.
Tel:         04-227 5048


  1. when u go to eat?
    jz had it ytd...

  2. Wah! So fast you go to try it.

  3. luporti, not fast already, wanted to go when it is still under construction :)