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Monday, February 28, 2011

Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House @ Queensbay Penang

If you think of a classic English-style afternoon tea, Winter Warmers Tea & Coffee House is the place to be! But I wasn't go for afternoon tea.

 I was shocked when I saw I was able to took it with 3D illusion or it was?
 The decoration is like so princess.
 Tableware of Winter Warmers.

 Too girlish, it is not suit for me ><

[UNRECOMMENDED] Chocolate waffle-RM9.90

 [STRONGLY RECOMMENDED] Grilled Dory Fish-RM15.90
Thumbs up for Dory Fish!
 French Vanilla Cappucino-RM9.90.
The name of the drink is too long for me, just named it as Cappucino will do after tasted it :P
Green Tea Ice Blended-RM7.90.

 There was a couple seeing me taking those pictures, then I just shoot from bottom to top for this fan, her eyes were just following me and seeing the fan that I was taking.
LOL, I was wondering, are you thinking that I'm mad?

Gf 19 (gd06), Queensbay Mall, 100 Persiaran Bayan Lepas, 
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.


  1. richmond, hari hari go enjoy =.=

    p/s: thts the word i use to call rich ppl ..lol

  2. i was wondering har...the cherry hor.....u purposely put take it and put it at the dory fish and cappucino one izzit....haha
    anyway,seems very nice for the dory fish.
    thx for sharing about winter warmer.
    i was planned before to have a try thr, but it seems got quite lot bad reputation from other blogs i have read.

  3. i was wondering har...the cherry hor.....u purposely take it out from d waffle and put it at the dory fish and cappucino one izzit....haha


  4. Miss WTF,
    lol...some of it, I didn't upload for a long time ago, but this 1 was happened on Sunday la...:P

    neo, hahaha..you get it! The cherries are provided by them with every single meals, Casper and I once finished taking our photos will remove the cherries, WE DON'T LIKE..hehe...

    I've tried for Gurney last time, the tuna waffle was awesome!

  5. har?..not understand u said 'provided by them with every single meals'...it mean there are 3 cherries in total???or just 1?

  6. what i mean justnow is....izit there just only 1 cherry, mayb it's from the waffle or doryfish...
    then u wan to make the whole picture nicer,so u take it out n put it on the dory fish and cappucino and take d photo....but anyway,i just mentioned ur dory fish that photo,behind's waffle still got another cherry..it means total reali got 3 cherries lo...haahaha

  7. 我有在想,怎么你那么厉害享受的啊

  8. neo, is i knw what are you trying to say, just you don't understand my reply only =.=''
    i already mentioned each meals and cherries mah....haha


  9. Ever been there before, thumbs up for its grilled dory fish too...hehex

  10. 她家的花茶很得意。。。很Laura Ashley的感覺。

  11. douglas,我还真的不知道原来有这牌子呢