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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Straits Quay, Penang

Heading to Straits Quay, Penang which located behide Island Plaza there.
"The Straits Quay is part of the Seri Tanjung Pinang project by E&O developments." 

I love the scene along the road, full with trees and high-cost living house.

It makes me feel like a hotel instead of a shopping mall.

So, this is what they called as British style?

Main entrance of Straits Quay. I thought there will be no more Xmas trees as it is 01012011.
I'm glad that I still able to take some Xmas trees photos.
I heard that this is the largest Xmas tree in Penang, I don't know whether it is the truth.

At first when I was seeing them, I thought there are another baby dolls events here.
Then, seeing the tallest guy made me think of 10 brothers' story.
However, there are only 8 persons there, so I think just another trend of fashion.

Christmas tree at the lobby with piano.

The light house.

I love this light house, it sure will be captured by every visitors here.

Mum and Sun Sun.

Another view of Straits Quay.

I love the trees there with this British style building.

View from another side of Straits Quay to light house.

Love indeed with it!!

Casper and I.

2–storey mall with 217 serviced apartment suites.

One of the shop there. 
Just like the models.

Xmas light decorations along the corridor.

Reception area.

Another unique name of the bar or restaurant I never seen-AGUA.

Lobby of Straits Quay.

Sugar shop, cakes and cupcakes made by sugar instead of butter cream.
It becomes a trend now as some of them don't like to eat cream cake.
My sister's 21st birthday celebration also celebrated with a big sugar cake.

I love this chairs, but I don't know how much it is, feel want to have one of it.
The corridor is full of stalls which selling their DIY stuff.

Parents are like to take photos with their kids.

Donut, donut, can I have a bite on it?


  1. 照片全部都很清晰叻,

  2. 你把这个地方拍到真美 ^^

  3. beautiful photos~
    makes me wanna visit there..

    oh, by the way!
    you change your blog's layout?
    hmmm... nice.

  4. ee soon, yup, changed my banner,layout and the fonts' colors :)

  5. 问你哦~要怎样换自己想要的背景图案哦?可以教我吗?

  6. ling kho,去setting的design template那儿选你喜欢的template就可以啦!^^

    douglas, really?

  7. So far I haven't been there. There are a lot of people asking me to go to have a look.