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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jom pi ke Mydin Bukit Jambul (Come! Lets go to Mydin Bukit Jambul)

  MYDIN Hypermarket Bukit Jambul, Penang is opened on 14 January 2011.
Lots of promotions and free gifts with selected items.

You can see lots of this kind of handbags there :)

 I like this kind of small trolley rather than the standard one or hand carry without the rolls.
It saves space when the hypermarket is crowded.

 FYI, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said the no free plastic bags ruling applied to all hypermarkets, supermarkets, pharmacies, fast food outlets, nasi kandar restaurants and convenience stores (including at petrol stations).
So, you will see lots of recycle bags are available in every hypermarkets.
Tell you what, I love this campaign so much!
 But even there is "No Free Plastic Bags Every Day of the Week", shoppers insisting on being provided plastic bags will have to pay 20 sen a piece.

 I bought one for RM1.90 as you see from this picture.
Well, quite satisfied with the price, and I saw bigger recycle bag is RM3.90.

 Lots of  customers on the first day.
You know, when there is a new hypermarket or supermarket in Penang, sure will be crowded.
This is Mydin, a Malay Holdings Bhd in Bukit Jambul where full of Malays and foreign labors are living or working here, so it is extremely fulled of customers.

 I won't purchase this bag, even it looks nice, but I hate when I saw the word of "Mydin" is damn big on the surface of the bag ><

 Another new scanning system to avoid long queue. *GOOD JOB*

A Malay or Indonesia auntie (no discrimination) queued behind me, after Mydin's worker scaned for her, she was kept on asking why she can't just cross my line.
I was totally don't know what had happened and thought she just want to go out of Mydin without buying anything.
Then I saw her kept on asking the same question with the pricing tag on her hand, I only found out she want to pay for her stuff.
I asked her to queue up even she get the pricing tag on her hand, cause it doesn't mean that she don't have to queue up to PAY.

Then, she was asking cashier to let her pay first, the cashier just answered her: perlu beratur, then continue to scan my items.
That auntie was feeling frustrated, showing her dark face with her mouth in "S shape" to the cashier.

Hey, auntie! Do you really know this is your fault?
Get back to kindergarten to learn how to queue up if you really don't know what is happening here. 

You see, it is so crowded ><
I have to round another side avoiding the crowd to take the escalator.



  1. Yo! Another new play to shop.
    That woman you mentioned. I really don't know what to say on her.

  2. 在美国,我们用环保袋可以获得回扣,可是如果没有用环保袋他们依然提供免费塑料袋。看来,大马是真的很努力推行环保袋哦!

  3. 诗艳,just penang this kind of campaign...im proud to be penang-ian!!yeah!!=D
    support no plastic bag day!!=D

  4. I think mydin is the most lower price store in Malaysia. ^^

  5. MyDin?

    Isn't that this hypermarket didn't allow own re-cycle bag to be used in-store?

    Anyway。。。it doesn't bother me at all coz' I DON'T SHOP @ HYPOCRITE company。


  6. luporti, ya..she also made me speechless....


    sunsun,should be penangite :)

    金龙,i think so, I nvr been to Mydin at Penang road, so I don't know whether it is really the lowest price when compare to Tesco :)

    Douglas,OH! you remind me about Ee Soon's case, but I did use my own recycle bags there :)

  7. Hor!!! hoh!!!!
    Applefish, did you brought your own recycle bag
    into the hypermarket? Or you bought from there?
    Next time try bring own big recycle bag there,
    see they let you in or not. haha.

    If Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng did not
    said the no free plastic bags ruling applied to
    all hypermarkets, I don't think they will
    let you in with own recycle bag lo. hmm...
    Very funny one la! haha.

  8. haha, ee soon, refer to my replied to douglas, i did bring my own bag-shh...is plastic bag..:p

    saw uncle brought his own recycle bag too :)

    NO1 CAN STOPS US from bringing our own recycle bag in Penang, if not, it sure getting trouble :)

  9. so good... how I wish Selangor has the same
    law/rule too..