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Thursday, May 13, 2010

back from 1st interview of today

I just went back for the second interview, just knew that I has been approved.
Kidding me, I was halfway rejected the job during the interview session.
I told my interviewer, the boss of the company that I am not so interested in this job.
How dare I was.
Well, she knows that I like photography and graphic design so much.
I thought the woman whom calling me is a fierce and serious person.
I found out that I was wrong, I shouldn't prejudged anything before doing something.
She brought me to take a tour around the company.
Frankly to say that, it doesn't look like a company, more than a club or dining restaurant.
I love the metro design of the company, I saw how nice the employees of the company.
They even eating fast food like pizzas and curry puffs before starting their job.
However, I don't really like that, cause I will get fatter and fatter if I really work there. XD

While waiting for the manager, I took a personality test.
There are two characters of me-eagle and peacock.
Well, it is true that I'm a talkative person, non-scheduled, independent, impatient and daring.
I told the lady in charge that I was rejected the job.
She told me that I shouldn't, cause I am a daring person.
I know I really daring to try, but I prefer to work as what I want.
Can I?

I know that I don't know how 2 reject a person, if he/she treat me nicely.
So, this Saturday and Sunday will be busy days. 


  1. sharing my thoughts in English, doesn't mean that I am saying I am good in English, and Yes, as you see, my English is poor.

  2. what is ur field of study?
    i agreed that should choose which job we prefer..but depends on a lot conditions too lo~eg position..salary..location..etc...

  3. mum prefer me 2 work in factory, but my field of study is totally non-related.

    i studied communication, which is nearly like mass comm, but not so "mass"..haha...
    majoring in technology communication, learnt about advertising, editing movies, ergonomics, telecommunication and creative media which includes photography...

    so, it is clearly that i'm not tht type of working in factory, isn't it?

  4. wat type of that company? design so grand... n wat post they offer u?

  5. Yes, I know Chinese is your mother tongue because the way we write in English is different from those Englishmen.