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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Share ‘n Care in the month of June at The Manhattan FISH MARKET with friends and family! I'm proud to get invitation to try for their new menu of Share 'n Care.

About MFM:
The Manhattan FISH MARKET specializes in American style seafood offers a wide variety of lip-smacking products ranging from Fish & Chips to Garlic Butter Mussels and Red Hot Whole Fish that’s perfect for all seafood lovers.  
The Manhattan FISH MARKET sources for both local and imported seafood.
To date, The Manhattan FISH MARKET has 33 stores worldwide with 18 stores in Malaysia, 9 in Singapore, 2 in Thailand, 2 in Jeddah and 2 in Jakarta. They are working to achieve 70 stores by 2014. 

Offered for both lunch and dinner,  meals are catered to groups of 2, 4, 6 and 8. Prices start as low as RM49 for 2 pax, saves up RM24.30! For that amazing price, you may choose:
1 Starter* + 2 Soups of the Day + 2 Favorite Flavors** + 2 refreshing Tropical Breeze drinks
*From a choice of Kicking Shrimps, Fried Calamari, Fried Country Mushrooms or Quad Delights.
**From a choice of 4 signature methods of cooking at The Manhattan FISH MARKET: Grilled Catch of the Day (Dory), Manhattan Baked Fish, Manhattan Fish ‘n Chips (Dory) or the new Poached Dory in Minty Sauce.
It ends on 26th June 2011.

Fried Calamari (RM9.90) [My rating: 7/10]
Crispy fried calamari.

 Quad Delights (RM15.90)  [My rating: 8/10]
Fried calamari, fried country mushrooms and fried shrimps served with coleslaw with raisins, it would be better if you dip it with sauces.

Kickin’ Shrimps (RM13.90) [My rating: 7.5/10]
Shrimps are crunchy, tossed in their own sauce served over a bed of Coleslaw with Raisins. 

  Garlic Herb Mussels (RM14.90) [My rating: 7.5/10]
Mussels poached in the Garlic Herb Sauce which served with baguette slices for more dippin'.
The mussels are nice, but it is quite tasteless and hard for the baguette slides.

Fried Country Mushrooms (RM9.90) [My rating: 7/10]
Deep fried button mushrooms served with Cajun Honey Mustard for dippin'. 
Mushrooms are always one of my favorite!

 Chowder of the Day (light – RM5.90, regular – RM7.90) *Strongly recommended*
Soup of the Day (light – RM4.90, regular – RM5.90) [My rating: 9/10]
Personally I love the "chowder of the day" indeed! 
Do not miss this out when you dining in Manhattan Fish Market.

 Garden Salad with Grilled Salmon (RM8.90 + add on salmon RM4.90) [My rating: 7.5/10]
It is good to have some healthy food in a restaurant, if you like to have salads, on diet or eating for healthy lifestyle, you can't miss this out! It is great to have some grilled salmon with the garden salad. The salmon is quite juicy too. 

You can also add on choices of:
Tuna  add RM3.90
Scampi Shrimps  add RM5.90


  Spaghetti in the Sea (RM20.90)  [My rating: 8/10]
Anything is better than a spaghetti mix with mussels, calamari and shrimps on it? If you are a seafood lover, you will be definitely falling in love with this!

 Shrimp My Olio (RM17.90) [My rating: 8/10]
Aglio means garlic and Olio means oil in Italian. A large pasta dish with the shrimp on top of the spaghetti dusted with zesty chilli flakes and extra olive oil would be the best!

Garlic Herb Chicken Pasta (RM21.90) [My rating: 7.5/10]
Chicken lover's delight! It features a savory garlic sauce tossed, white-meat chicken, and spaghetti.

Manhattan Favourites:

Manhattan Baked Fish (RM16.90) [My rating: 7.5/10]
Dory baked in coriander marinade, served with Garlic Herb Rice with scrumptious broccoli and carrots on the side. 

 Manhattan Baked Dory in Garden Herbs  (RM18.90) [My rating: 7/10]
  Dory poached in a delightful minty sauce, served over a bed of delicious Garlic Herb Sauce.
For both fish dishes, the taste was refreshing and light, not too heavy and not fishy at all!  I prefer the taste of Manhattan Baked Fish!

 Manhattan Fish ‘n Chips - Cherry Snapper (light – RM13.90, regular – RM19.90) [My rating: 7.5/10]
This is another new favor of Manhattan Fish 'n Chips with a choice of Chips, Garlic Herb Rice or more Garden Salad.

Fiery Cherry Snapper with Mussels (RM23.90) [My rating: 8.5/10]
Grilled cherry snapper is prepared with their homemade spicy marinade, topped with mussels on a bed of Garlic Herd Rice with scrumptious broccoli and carrots. 
Love their homemade sauce, it makes me can't stop eating the fish.

 Grilled Catch of the day - Halibut (RM35.90)   [My rating: 8.5/10]
Grilled fish served with scrumptious broccoli and carrots on the side, with a choice of Chips, Garlic Herb Rice or Garden Salad.  

Manhattan Flaming Prawns (RM28.90) [My rating: 8/10]
Flaming tiger prawns served with Chips.

 Strictly for Sharing:
Manhattan Seafood for 2 (RM49.90) [My rating: 8.5/10]
The perfect platter which I love it so much, it is filled with fried fish nuggets, fried calamari and oysters with their famous Flaming Prawns served on a bed of Garlic Herb Rice and Chips with scrumptious broccoli and carrots.
It can be said almost my every visit to MFM, I sure order for this, but it is really in BIG portion, it is for two, for me, it can be 2-3 persons to finish it.
Wrap ‘n Roll:

Chicken Tortilla (RM13.90) [My rating: 5.5/10]
Scrumptious tuna flakes wrapped in tortilla, packed with garden veggies, drizzled with the famous Manhattan Flaming sauce and served with a side of Chips.
As I get to know, this is the first time MFM doing this wrap 'n roll, the fish is quite hard to eat (too dry), there is still a lot of improvements needed.

 Manhattan Mud Pie (RM7.90)  *Strongly recommended* [My rating: 8.5/10]
 A piece of smooth, creamy, soft chocolate cake, garnished with nuts and chocolate cookie ice cream.

 Tuscan Tiramisu (RM6.90) *Strongly recommended* [My rating: 8/10]
A popular Italian dessert, which made with coffee and cream cheese, makes me indulge with it!

Brownies with Ice-cream (RM9.90) *Strongly recommended* [My rating: 8.5/10]
It is definitely a superb ending for my meal, love their desserts indeed! XD


Sweet Alabama Smoothie (RM9.90) [My rating: 6.5/10]
Citrus Mint (RM7.90)
Sunset on the Ocean (RM9.90) *Strongly recommended* [My rating: 7.5/10]
Oreo Kaboom (RM9.90) *Strongly recommended* [My rating: 7.5/10]
Don't have chance to try for the Citrus Mint, sweet alabama smoothie is blend with chocolate, vanilla ice-cream and peanut butter, personally feel that the aroma of it is not that thick yet, whereas for sunset on the ocean, it is vanilla ice-cream blended with orange and creamy yogurt. 
Orea Kaboom is a crushed Oreos blended into rich vanilla ice-cream, the combination of Oreos and ice-dream is wonderful!

Tropical Breeze (RM7.90) [My rating: 7/10]
A light and delicious Hawaiian fruit cocktail is quite refreshing!

MFM Gurney Plaza  (Ceased)                                                      
Tel/ Fax : 04-2299251
MFM Queensbay Mall                                                                 
Tel/ Fax : 04-6461620

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