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Friday, March 26, 2010

unbelievable! I added course for next semester

As we all know, this is my last semester, if everything is going well, then I can graduate in October.


昨天知道,现在的学妹很聪明,都会托学姐帮她们add course,我把这件事告诉了我的室友,她也是学妹。
Yesterday knew that juniors are very clever, they would asked for the help from seniors to add course for them. I told my room mate about this case, she is my junior too. 

So, I asked her if she needs my help. After all, I think she is shy to ask for my help.

就这样,我问她,怎么add course,有点不好意思,感觉到add course这回事,离我很远了,我,不再痛苦了,虽然,这学期开始是早上八时开始,幸福了很多了,至少可以睡饱再add。
So, I asked her, how to add course, a little bit embarrassed, and strongly feel that adding course, is far away from me, and I no longer suffering, though, this semester is start from 8:00 am. They are much more luckier than us, at least can get enough sleep before start to add course.

 *room mate觉得跟senior住是件好事。
room mate strongly feel that it is good to have a senior as room mate.

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